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An online holistic shop for the spiritually gifted and curious


Portrait of the CEO of MagicallyMade

Hey there you MagicallyMade being of the Universe! Meet Shawnee Jay, the songwriter that happens to sing, have a passion for holistic living, and be the creative force behind MagicallyMade, your go-to online apothecary where spirituality and well-being meet.


About Shawnee Jay:

Shawnee Jay isn't just your average singer-songwriter; she's a true alchemist of sound and wellness with a deep connection to both music and holistic wellness. Known for her soulful melodies and insightful lyrics, Shawnee Jay has captivated a wide range of audiences with her music. However, her passion for simplicity and wellness transcends the realm of music, extending into the realm of holistic living.

MagicallyMade: Where the Magic Resides

In 2011, Shawnee Jay began creating body and hair products with natural ingredients, initially for loved ones. For over a decade, she honed her skills, delving into holistic living. In 2021, this passion led to the creation of MagicallyMade, a haven for the spiritually gifted and curious.

Nourish Your Mind and Body:

At MagicallyMade, the philosophy is simple yet powerful: true beauty begins from the inside out. Our dedication to holistic wellness and self-care is reflected in every product we offer. We take pride in handcrafting every product in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and care in every jar, bottle, and sachet. Explore our diverse range of offerings like custom tea blends that nurture your mind and body, potent tinctures designed to restore you, and infused honey that soothes the soul. For those seeking optimal physical well-being, MagicallyMade presents carefully prepared organic vegan sea moss gels, a true elixir of mental and physical health sourced by our proud affiliate, Holistic Vybez. Whether you seek clarity, inner peace, or a little pick-me-up, you'll find it within these virtual shelves.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey:

MagicallyMade goes beyond physical wellness; it’s also your portal to spiritual health and wellness. Explore a diverse selection of ritual oils, mojo bags, and tools carefully crafted to elevate your spiritual journey and fulfill your soul.

We cordially invite you to embark on an enlightening path of self-discovery, beauty, and well-being. Join the MagicallyMade community on this extraordinary journey, and let the transformation begin.

Welcome to MagicallyMade – where every product is a testament to the beauty and balance that we hold dear, and where your well-being is the main character. Immerse yourself in the experience today and slay the holistic way.


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